.50 BMG Rifle Qualification

.50 BMG Rifle Qualification At Three Points Shooting Range

In order to safely accommodate those interested in the usage of the .50 BMG cartridge, TRC and the FCSA have worked together to create a procedure whereby .50 BMG shooters may be permitted restricted access to the Three Points Public Shooting Range. The purpose of this procedure is to minimize the risk of projectiles leaving the range site and mitigate damage to range property. —TRC Board of Directors

Procedure For Qualifying Prospective .50 BMG Rifle

Shooters On The Thousand Yard Range


1.                  Prior to permitting any shooter to present him/herself for testing to qualify, he/she must show proof of current FCSA membership as well as membership in the Tucson Rifle Club. Shooters are required to be club members or competing in a scheduled event in order to pass The Gate.


2.         Any FCSA .50 BMG shooter that has competed in a sanctioned match (Reno, Raton, Alliance, etc.) and has a posted score will be considered qualified to shoot at the TPPSR.  Each qualified shooter wishing to shoot at TPPSR will be issued an identification card.  There will be no requirement for such shooters to undertake a proficiency test as proficiency has been proven.


3.         Any .50 BMG shooter that does not have a posted score as in 2 above, will be required to prove proficiency with their rifle in the presence of a person authorized to verify proficiency.


4.         Proficiency of non-qualified shooter(s) will consist of the following:


a.  Rifle Safety Inspection.  Inspection is conducted by individual tasked to perform qualification exercise.

b.  At the distance of 200 yards, the shooter will fire a minimum* of two (2) cartridges to verify rifle and scope are properly aligned.

c.  At the distance of 1000 yards, the shooter will fire a minimum* of two (2) cartridges to

verify rifle and scope are properly aligned and the shooter is a proficient Marksman, capable of hitting the target at 1000 yards.


5.         Upon completion of verification of shooting ability, the shooter will be issued an identification card.  Said card will have printed the qualified shooters name, FCSA member number, the signature of the person authorized to qualify shooters, and the name of the person recording the issuing of the card to the shooter.


6.         Any shooter requesting to have a volunteer assist in becoming qualified will be responsible to:


a.  Make arrangements with the TRC Rangemaster for a date when the range will be available. 

b.  Make arrangements with an available volunteer that can respond to conduct test.

  c.  Provide a suitable target with which to shoot at.  Targets in the butts may be used if available,

  but lacking a suitable, used target, shooter will purchase a target from their own funds. 

  d.  At no time will prospective shooters be permitted to shoot at any target not authorized by

  TRC  (i.e., no shooting at rocks, numbered boards, etc.).

  e.  If at all possible, given that volunteers will be used to qualify new shooters, it is requested that

  prospective shooters try to make arrangements with their fellow shooters who might want to also

  become qualified and have those people assembled on the same day.  This will prevent multiple

  trips for volunteers to the range.


The usage of the .50 BMG cartridge will be limited to the 1000 Yard Range.

Please contact

Howard Huggins
(520) 682-6754 (After 11:00 AM)
'Howard Huggins'


Don VanManen
(520) 616-7305

for further details or to arrange for qualification on the 1000 yard range.


* For verification purposes, the minimum number of rounds is only a guideline.  If conditions warrant shooting additional rounds, that determination will be made by the volunteer qualifier at that time.  All prospective shooters must be able to demonstrate the ability to be safe with their rifle and ensure the rounds fired hit only designated targets.  NO wildcat shooting will be permitted.