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TRC Calendar FAQ

Calendar Questions:

Reservation Questions:

So what's this new TRC calendar about?

The Three Points Shooting Range facility, which is operated by The Tucson Rifle Club in conjunction with the Arizona Department of Game and Fish, is in increasingly high demand. This calendaring/booking system is intended to provide for scheduling dedicated range use and disseminating current range booking information to our membership and the public at large. Index

How do I see details about an event that interests me?

Two ways:

  • Pass your cursor over the event for a brief popup description.
  • Click on the event for a bit more detail.


How do I see all the events on a given day?

Click on the number of the date you want to observe.

Note: You will not see the particular ranges that those events are scheduled on. For obtaining match type and range information, use the calendar's Category and Ranges options. Index

What is the Category menu for at the top of the calendar?

TRC has a number of specialized ranges and on any particular day there may be numerous events scheduled. The Category selection box is designed to help you to focus on the particular type of shooting event you may be interested in. For example, an individual interested in Cowboy Action Shooting, need only select SASS from the Category menu to see all such events scheduled at TRC. Index

What is the Ranges line below the calendar about?

The Ranges line allows you to view all scheduled use for a particular range. Whether a range is scheduled for a Highpower Rifle match or a work party, that range is not available for the period of time shown on the calendar. Folks wishing to schedule a particular range should first check for conflicts using the Ranges option. Index

Category and Ranges don't show what I'm looking for.

Try the Search command at the bottom of the calendar. It's a bit crude, but might turn up some match types or range uses without specific Category inclusions. The search command is highly dependent on the adequacy of the description of the event/match provided by the Match Directors.

Note: Most, but not all, calendar events are tied to a specific range use, e.g., Board of Director meetings. Index

How can I change my view?

See bottom of the calendar. Click on the Go button next to Month, Week, or Year. You can also specify any particular time period of interest—past or future. Range bookings are normally only made on a yearly basis, so past years will show a pretty accurate record of prior activity, but the upcoming year is most likely incomplete until the calendar is finalized and approved at the May Board meeting. Of course, events can be and are added all year around. Index

If a range is not shown as reserved, does that mean it's available for me to use

Not necessarily. The calendar shows range reservations made in advance--usually weeks or months in advance. There are times when a range may be reserved on short notice, closed due to poor condition from weather, or simply busy with walk-ons. Such conditions can not be shown on the calendar due to their short notice and brevity.

If you are expecting the use of a specfic range, it is advised that you first confirm range availability with a phone call to the rangemaster. Index

What ranges are available for reservation?

TRC has 8 ranges: .22 Silhouette Range (SS), 100m Sight In (SI), Action (Action), Blackpowder (BP), DPS (DPS), HP Rifle 1000yd (1000yd), HP Rifle 500m Silhouette (500m), Pistol Silhouette (PS).

  • The DPS range is not normally available for public use.
  • The 100m Sight-In range and the Blackpowder range are usually dedicated for nonreserved, public walk on use and are not normally available for reservation.
  • The 1000yd, Action, and Pistol ranges are in close proximity and simultaneous use must be closely coordinated for safety reasons. Best to discuss such use with the Rangemaster or Board before attempting to schedule.

Note: Not all ranges are appropriate for all types of shooting events. Best to check out the range you wish to reserve ahead of time with the Rangemaster. Index

How do I schedule an event/range?

Continuing monthly matches:

You can't edit the calendar yourself.

Most range reservations listed on the TRC Calendar are for continuing monthly or bimonthly matches throughout the calendar year. These matches are scheduled one year in advance and renewed on a yearly basis. To request a new continuing monthly match, you will need to fill out the TRC Range Reservation Request Form. These requests will be accepted for review by the Executive Committee after the February meeting. It is the responsibility of the requestor to try and work out any conflicts with scheduled events prior to submitting a TRC Range Reservation Request Form.

Continuing monthly matches of long standing (5 years or more) are given priority in scheduling. At the beginning of each year, a base calendar is prepared scheduling these matches as they were scheduled in the previous year. January of every year all Match Directors must confirm with the TRC President that they wish to continue their matches as per these dates and times. Failure to confirm match dates may result in your match being dropped from the TRC calendar. This base calendar is approved at the February Board meeting. When the base calendar has been formally approved, it is then added to the TRC website's electronic calendar and is the official Tucson Rifle Club base calendar.

After the base calendar is approved, open dates will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Again, it is essential that the TRC Range Reservation Request Form is used to formally request these open range slots. The final calendar approval will take place at the May Board meeting. It is the responsibility of the requestor to try and work out any conflicts with scheduled events prior to submitting a TRC Range Reservation Request Form. The final approval for the next calendar year will take place at the May Board meeting.

One time events/matches:

For a one time, same day, dedicated range use, the Rangemaster should be able to assign an unscheduled range to you when you phone ahead for a reservation. For other than same day scheduling, use the TRC Range Reservation Request Form.

Note: Many of these one time events are not shown on the TRC Calendar! Calling ahead to the Rangemaster office will save you time, gas, and frustration. Showing up at the Rangemaster's office an hour before you wish to use a particular range will maximize the probability of you not getting it.


  • If there is a conflict between your range use and this calendar's scheduled range use, the calendar's scheduled range use takes precedence. You would be wise to formally schedule your range use as far as possible in advance such that it is placed on the official TRC electronic calendar.
  • You will be called or emailed with confirmtion/denial of your requested range reservation. However, assume nothing. If your reservation is not confirmed or you don't see your match/range scheduled on the calendar, contact us.
  • Please observe the time of your range reservation carefully as another match may be scheduled immediately before or after your use.
  • Failure to use you alloted range time, or formally cancel your range reservation, may result in your match's removal from the TRC calendar.
  • Request for matches with procedures and rules not conforming to a known sanctioning body, e.g., SASS, IPSC, NRA, etc., must come with a complete description (procedures, rules, equipment) for review by the TRC Safety Officer.

I can't find an open date/range on the calendar for my match. What can I do?

That's a tough one. Three Points Shooting Range is heavily used, especially on weekends. If only we could have four day weekends or double our range facilities...

Sometimes a group wishes to hold a one time or yearly match. Sometimes a State or National Championship lasting an entire week is requested.

Large matches running several days or using multiple ranges are best brought directly before the Board for discussion. We recommend that you consider months with a 5th Sunday for such matches.

If a club or organization wants to schedule a range that is in use, they must contact the Director of that range/match and work out an acceptable agreement for shared use. Sometimes simply moving a conflicting match time forward or backward will allow for two matches to run on the same range on the same day.

Match Directors have been exceedingly cooperative in the past to accommodate such requests. It is this spirit of cooperation and courtesy that make TRC what it is. You won't know unless you ask. If neither party can come come to an agreemeent, then the existing club reservation has priority. Index

How do I add a contact person or web page for more information on an event?

You should specify this additional information at the time you request the addition of an event, i.e., append a very brief match description to your TRC Range Reservation Request Form. Check other events on the calendar to see what this description typically entails. The TRC webmaster will be happy to discuss your match description and other details involving match promotion via the TRC website. Index

How do I change the information concerning an event.

It is essential that match information—particularly, Match Director Contact information, be kept up to date. Additions and errors in the calendar should be reported by sending email to . Index

How do I delete/cancel my event?

If you are canceling your event, use the TRC Range Cancellation Form. Return this form to the TRC Range Office at least 48 hours prior to the date that the event was to take place. If you wish to delete an event from the TRC online calendar, send email to .

Note: Failure to use you alloted range time, or formally cancel your range reservation, may result in your match's removal from the TRC calendar. Index