Official TRC Forms & Misc Documents

Tucson Rifle Club rate structure_Effective January 1_2018
  • Tucson Rifle Club rate structure (Word) (PDF*)

Use this form to apply for TRC membership
  • TRC Online Membership Application (Word) (PDF*)

Use these forms to request or cancel a Three Points Range reservation**
  • Three Points Range Reservation Request Form (1) (Word) (PDF*)
  • Three Points Range Reservation Cancellation Form (2) (Word) (PDF*)
  • Three Points Public Shooting Range User/Group Agreement (3) (Word) (PDF*)

Use this form to report on your TRC event
  • TRC Event Attendance Report (Word) (PDF*)

Use this form to request camping facilities at Three Points Range
  • Three Points Camping Reservation Request (Word) (PDF*)

TRC Mailing lists

TRC Bylaws and Operational Procedures

TRC Lease Agreement with Arizona Department of Game & Fish

Misc TRC forms not for public access

* Works best when opened in Adobe Reader v 8.x or later.
** Use forms 1 & 3 to request a reservation, form 2 to cancel. Send completed forms to Tucson Rifle Club.