Tucson Rifle Club Bylaws And Operational Procedures

(Bylaws, Date effective: 12/07/2008)



The name of this organization shall be the Tucson Rifle Club, Inc.



The objective of the Tucson Rifle Club is the promotion of the shooting sports, both competitive and non-competitive by providing training, education and events for the recreational and competitive shooter to participate in.



a) Any citizen of the United States 18 years of age or over, or any other individual acceptable to the National Rifle Association of America, may become a member of this organization when subscribing to the following pledge and on payment of the usual annual dues.

b) Any citizen of the United States under the age of 18, Legal Permanent Resident Alien, or any other individual acceptable to the National Rifle Association of America, may become an Associate Member of this organization when sponsored by a present member.


I certify that I am a citizen of the United States of America or lawfully in the United States and that I am not a member of any organization or group that has as any part of its program the attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States or any of its political subdivisions by force or violence, and if admitted to membership, I will faithfully endeavor to fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship.



a) There shall be no initiation fee.

b) The member's annual dues to the Club shall be due upon acceptance and renewable annually.

c) The annual dues may be changed upon the vote of the majority of the members at any regular meeting.

d) No member of the Club in arrears shall be eligible to vote or to enjoy any other of the privileges offered by the Club.

e) A member that allows his membership to lapse, either willingly or unknowingly, may be reinstated as a member in good standing provided the dues are subsequently paid and backdated to the original renewal date within three months of said renewal date. Should the lapse be greater than three months, the membership will be considered a new membership.



a) Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be held every December. If the Annual Meeting fails to take place at the time fixed, the officers shall hold over until their successors have been elected. The succeeding officers shall take office January 1 of the following year.

b) Regular Meetings: The regular meeting of the Club shall be held each month, at such time and place as may be fixed by the Executive Committee.



a) The officers of this Club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Officer, Safety Officer, Rifle Director, Pistol Director, and Action Shooting Director who, acting together, shall constitute the Executive Committee. They shall be members in good standing for a minimum of twelve months. They shall be elected by a majority vote by ballot (or voice vote) of the members in good standing at the Annual Meeting of the Club. They shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected.

b) The Executive Committee shall have general supervision and control of the activities of the Club.

c) Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held regularly at such time and place as the Committee may determine. Special meetings may be held at any time on call of the President or on demand by three members of the committee.

d) A majority of the Executive Committee members shall constitute a quorum.

e) Resignation of any officer may be accepted by a majority of the remaining members of the Executive Committee.

f) A vacancy of the Executive Committee will be filled as provided in (a) above by an election to be held at the next following regular meeting. Except that a vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice-President, an election being held at the next following meeting for the purpose of electing a Vice-President to fill the vacancy thus created.



The Club shall have a Range Committee, consisting of the various directors, the Treasurer of the Club and three members at large appointed by the President. The Range Committee will be responsible for planning, funding and scheduling of maintenance and improvements of the shooting range. This Committee will meet regularly and bring its recommendations to the Club Executive Committee for approval and action.



a) President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Executive Committee. He shall be a member ex-officio of all regular and special committees, and shall perform all such duties as usually pertain to his office. At the January meeting each year, the President will verify with the Treasurer that the Club is covered by an active liability insurance policy.

Before the February meeting each year, the President will present the next calendar year's Base Calendar of recurring monthly shooting events to the Executive committee for review. The final Base Calendar will be on the February meeting agenda for approval and action.

b) Vice-President: The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or at his request.

c) Secretary: The Secretary shall conduct or act as point of contact for all official correspondence pertaining to the proper preparation and forwarding of all reports required of the Club by the National Rifle Association and by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship. He shall notify the members of special and annual meetings, as required in Article VI. He shall keep a true record of all meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Club and have custody of the books and papers of the Club except the Treasurer's books of account. All applications of membership in the Club shall be made to the Secretary or a person designated by the Secretary. He or the designee shall be responsible for the collection of all dues and shall remit same to the Treasurer. He shall be responsible to report at each annual meeting or at any other time upon request of the Executive Committee. He shall maintain the list of Club members.

d) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have charge of all funds of the Club and place the same in such bank or banks as may be approved by the Executive Committee. Such money shall be withdrawn by check signed by the Treasurer and President. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all transactions and render a detailed report at any meeting of the Executive Committee when requested and annual report to the organization at its annual meeting. The Treasurer's records may be audited by a committee appointed by the President prior to the annual meeting.

e) Executive Officer: The Executive Officer will be the point of contact to coordinate and schedule all events of the Club and range with respect to other ranges. The Executive Officer will be responsible for the annual TRC inventory. The completed inventory of Tucson Rifle Club property shall be presented to the Executive Committee at the May meeting.

f) Safety Officer: The Safety Officer will be responsible for maintaining safe arrangements at the range. The Safety Officer will establish safety rules for the various ranges, and be in charge of all Club activities pertaining to promotion of safety classes held on the range. The Safety Officer shall approve any matches and their courses of fire that are held on any scheduled basis at the range.

g) Members of the Executive Committee that have four unexcused absences from meetings in a calendar year shall be removed from the Executive Committee and replaced according to Section VII, pargraph (f) of the bylaws.

h) Rifle, Pistol, and Action Shooting Directors: These Directors shall be points of contact and coordination for activities or matches that involve the given discipline. These Directors shall provide the Executive Officer a completed inventory of all Tucson Rifle Club property used by their discipline no later than May 1 of each year.

i ) Rangemaster: The duties of the Rangemaster are to

  1. Oversee daily range operations.
  2. Post, distribute, and enforce Range Rules
  3. Maintain Visitor Log. All range visitors must sign in.
  4. Collect and record Daily Use Fees and other range receipts and forward to the Treasurer.
  5. Collect membership applications and dues and forward to the Secretary or appointed alternate.
  6. Coordinate schedule for matches and training classes. Maintain range log and calendar. The Rangemaster is the point of contact.
  7. Set work schedules for range staff.
  8. Schedule and supervise range maintenance.
  9. Schedule and supervise range improvement projects.
  10. Attend regular monthly meetings.
  11. Secure buildings, range entrance, and other range property when the range closes.
  12. Perform and/or supervise other duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

j) Assistant Range Officer:

  1. Assist the Rangemaster in daily range operations.
  2. Enforce Range Rules
  3. When staffing the Front Office, ensure Visitor Log is signed, collect Daily Use Fees and other range receipts, distribute and advise on Range Rules, and manage the supply of target frames, sandbags and other equipment.
  4. Periodically walk the public ranges to ensure safety rules and Range Rules, in general, are observed.
  5. Perform minor range maintenance, cleaning and general upkeep.
  6. Repair and reface target frames.
  7. Perform other duties assigned by the Rangemaster and/or the Executive Committee.



a) Any officer may be removed for malfeasance or nonfeasance by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing at any special meeting called for this purpose. No vote on suspension or removal may be taken unless at least fifteen days notice in writing shall have been given to the officer of the reasons for his removal and the time and place of the special meeting at which such ballot on his removal is to be taken. At such special meeting the officer shall be given a full hearing.

b) Any member may be suspended or expelled from the Club for any cause deemed sufficient by the Executive Committee by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Committee present at any regular or special meeting. No vote on suspension or expulsion may be taken unless at least fifteen days notice in writing shall have been given to the member of the charges preferred and of the time and place of the meeting of the Executive Committee at which such charges will be considered. At such meeting the member under charges will be accorded a full hearing.

c) Charges against any officer or member may be preferred by any member in good standing. They shall be in writing clearly stating the facts relied upon and accompanied by all affidavits or exhibits which are to be used in their support. Such charges shall be filed with the Secretary who will immediately notify the President. The President will call a meeting of the Executive Committee to hear the charges. The Secretary will give at least fifteen days notice of the meeting to each member of the Executive Committee and to the accuser and to the accused, which notices shall be in writing and will include a true copy of the charges and of the supporting affidavits and exhibits.

d) Any member suspended or expelled by the Executive Committee may appeal to the membership of the Club. Such appeal may be made in writing to the Secretary who will notify the President. The President will call a special meeting of the Club for the purpose of acting on the appeal. The Secretary shall give at least fifteen days notice in writing to all Club members in good standing stating the date, time place and reason for such special meeting. At the meeting the Secretary will read the original charges, the supporting affidavits and will read or display the accompanying exhibits, and will read the minutes of the Executive Committee at which such charges were heard and action taken. A vote will be taken by ballot of the members in good standing present and a two-thirds vote shall be required to reverse the action of the Executive Committee.



All competition held by the Club will be governed by the rules and regulations of the Tucson Rifle Club and the sponsoring organization. Approved sponsoring organizations include but are not limited to the National Rifle Association of America, The International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association, those approved by the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and the Secretary of the Army, or the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



a) Any proposed amendment to these bylaws may be introduced by any member in good standing. Publication of the proposed change to the bylaws shall be distributed no later than the September meeting. The proposed changes shall be published on the website prior to the Annual Meeting whereupon they shall be voted upon by the members in good standing in attendance. A two-thirds vote of the members present will be necessary for adoption.

b) Robert's Rules of Order shall apply to all matters not specifically covered by the bylaws.



A nominating committee of at least three members will be appointed at or before the August Monthly Meeting. The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees for the various offices of the Club and present said slate to the Club at the September Monthly Meeting. Nominations from the floor may follow the committees reading of the slate with a majority vote by members in good standing required as per Article VI, paragraph (a).



Voting privileges will not be conferred upon new members until they have been a member in good standing for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. The holder of an Individual Membership is entitled to one vote. The two adult holders of a Family Membership are each entitled to vote. Members that are eligible to vote may request a ballot for the Annual Election.


(Operational Procedures, Date effective: 1/21/2009)


a) The Range Officer's word is final in all matters concerning daily range use.

b) There will be no loaded weapons on the range other than the firing line. Exceptions to this are holstered, personal carry handguns and Law Enforcement Officers.

c) Range fee of $6.00 per day by all users using any shooting facility with the following exceptions:

    1. No range use fees are levied to Law Enforcement Agencies for scheduled activities taking place on the DPS subleased range.
    2. All other Law Enforcement usage is $3.00 per day.
    3. No range use fee to current TRC members.
    4. No range use fee to children under 18 years of age accompanied by a paying adult or TRC member.
    5. No charge to those entering a scheduled competition on the day of that competition.
    6. The fee for commercial operations using Tucson Rifle Club range facilities is $300.00 per range, per day used. This fee structure may be amended on a case by case basis by the Executive Committee. All persons using any shooting facility shall sign in at the Range Office in the Visitor?s Log Book. Law Enforcement Officers on department or related business may be signed in by a supervisor.

d) A charge of $1.00 to $5.00 will be assessed for each incidence of target frame damage. At the discretion of the Range Officer, a target damage fee of $5.00 will be accessed for those frames deemed damaged beyond repair.

e) Overnight Camping.

    1. Dry Camping Spaces: Areas cleared of brush for a tent and/or a vehicle. The daily fee is $6.00.
    2. RV Hookup Spaces: Areas to accommodate motor homes, campers, and similar recreational vehicles with electrical and water hookups. The daily fee is $15.00. Overnight parking and hookups are restricted to days immediately preceding and during matches and scheduled events by those attending events. This fee can be waived by the Range Officer for junior activities such as Boy Scouts of America, 4-H Club camping activities, or TRC members who are performing range restoration, repair, or improvements.

f) Any person or group wishing to schedule an event that will restrict access to a particular range facility or facilities will use the following procedure:

Continuing monthly matches: Most range reservations listed on the TRC Calendar are for continuing monthly or bimonthly matches throughout the calendar year. These matches are scheduled one year in advance and renewed on a yearly basis. To request a new continuing monthly match, you will need to fill out the TRC Range Reservation Request Form. These requests will be accepted for review by the Executive Committee after the February meeting. It is the responsibility of the requestor to try and work out any conflicts with scheduled events prior to submitting a TRC Range Reservation Request Form.

Continuing monthly matches of long standing (5 years or more) are given priority in scheduling. At the beginning of each year, a base calendar is prepared scheduling these matches as they were scheduled in the previous year. In January of every year, all Match Directors must confirm with the TRC President that they wish to continue their matches as per these dates and times. Failure to confirm match dates may result in your match being dropped from the TRC calendar. This base calendar is approved at the February Board meeting. When the base calendar has been formally approved, it is then added to the TRC website's electronic calendar and is the official Tucson Rifle Club base calendar.

After the base calendar is approved, open dates will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Again, it is essential that the TRC Range Reservation Request Form is used to formally request these open range slots. The final calendar approval will take place at the May Board meeting.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to try and work out any conflicts with scheduled events prior to submitting a TRC Range Reservation Request Form. The final approval for the next calendar year will take place at the May Board meeting.

One time events/matches: For a one time, short notice (less than 60 days out), dedicated range use, the Rangemaster should be able to assign an unscheduled range to you when you phone ahead for a reservation. For more than 60 days out, use the TRC Range Reservation Request Form.

    1. The Rangemaster and Safety Officer shall review the request and forward the request to the President with their recommendation for either approval or rejection.
    2. Upon approval, the Range Officer and President shall be given notification of confirmation of the event and date, and stating the assumption of complete responsibility for the safety and conduct of those attending the event. Address written correspondence to:

      Rangemaster, Tucson Rifle Club, Inc.
      Three Points Public Shooting Range
      18300 West Ajo Highway
      Tucson, AZ 85735-9729

      The Rangemaster may also be reached at (520) 822 - 5189.
    3. Reimburse TRC immediately following the event at these rates:

      aa) $5.00 per entry for those events in which an entry fee is charged.
      bb) No charge per entry in AG&F Hunter Safety and Junior events.

    4. Reimburse TRC for damage to TRC equipment at a rate commensurate with the damage as determined by the Rangemaster.
    5. Supply all labor and materials necessary to the event including set up and dismantling. The range in use shall be returned to its original condition after the event and to the satisfaction of the Rangemaster.

g) Range hours of operation are: Monday through Sunday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The range will be closed for the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hours of operation may be extended during the summer months. They will be published on the website and posted in the office.

h) Any person or animal causing a disturbance or danger to anyone will be immediately evicted by the Range Officer.

i) Range Rules.

    1. You may be removed from the range for violating any range rule.
    2. If you observe an unsafe situation, immediately call for an emergency cease fire. Immediately comply with any emergency cease fire.
    3. Wear eye and ear protection during all firing periods while on or near the firing line.
    4. Before going forward of the firing line for any reason you must first arrange a cease fire with all shooters on the range.
    5. Make your firearms safe before anyone goes downrange. Do not handle any firearms in any manner when anyone is downrange.
      Safe Rifle: Open the action and insert an Empty Chamber Indicator. Remove detachable magazines or completely empty fixed magazines. Place the rifle on a table, the ground, or in a rack and do not touch it in any way during the cease fire.
      Safe Pistol: Open the action on unholstered pistols and insert an Empty Chamber Indicator. Remove the magazine or empty the cylinder. Place the pistol on a table or the ground and do not touch it in any way during the cease fire.
    6. All uncased or unholstered firearms must be unloaded, action open, ECI inserted when off the firing line. Do not carry any uncased firearm with a closed action off the firing line. Load your firearm only while on the firing line during active firing periods.
    7. Personal protection handguns must remain holstered at all times when off the firing line.
    8. Shoot only from established firing lines. Firing lines are indicated by a painted red line. Your muzzle must be above or beyond the firing line while firing.
    9. Shoot straight downrange at right angles to your target. Shooting across the range is prohibited.
    10. Shoot only at approved targets at approved distances. Steel targets must be approved by the Rangemaster. Targets made of glass, plastic, and similar materials are prohibited.
    11. Do not leave brass or trash on the range. Pick it up and place it in the appropriate containers.
    12. Full Auto and .50BMG use is restricted. See Rangemaster for details.
    13. Use of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited.
    14. Armor Piercing, Tracer, and Incendiary Ammunition are prohibited.
    15. Children and pets must be under control at all times.
    16. Do not climb on any of the dirt berms surrounding the ranges.
    17. Use caution, particularly near outbuildings and dumpsters, to avoid the poisonous snakes, lizards, and insects which live on the range.

j) Use of machine guns is permitted only during scheduled matches or for practice by Club members after notification and coordination of such activity with the Rangemaster. A copy of the firearm holders BATF Form 1, Form 3, Form 4, or equivalent, must be presented to the Rangemaster upon request.

k) The use of Open Bolt / Empty Chamber Indicators is required.

l) Injuries shall be reported to the Safety Officer by submitting an Incident Report, available from the Range Office, within 7 working days.

m) In order to pass The Gate, shooters are required to satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  1. be a Club Member
  2.  be the guest of a Club Member
  3.  be entered in a scheduled event

n) Match Directors must be members in good standing.

o) Shooters wishing to use personal metal targets must have their targets approved by the Rangemaster and must be placed no closer than.
  1. 25 yards for center fire pistol
  2. 100 yards for center fire rifle