Frequently Asked Questions About TRC

What is the Tucson Rifle Club?

Tucson Rifle Club was first organized in 1896 and chartered by the National Rifle Association in 1919. As such, TRC is one of the oldest continuously operating shooting clubs in the State of Arizona. The Three Points Public Shooting Range is located 25 miles West of Tucson and is operated by the Tucson Rifle Club through lease agreement with the Arizona Game & Fish Department for the safe use of firearms and the promotion of the shooting sports.

Prior to the Three Points move, Tucson Rifle Club operated until 1967 on a tract of land that is now the site of Pima College West.  The former site of TRC was deeded to Pima County in exchange for cash and the lease agreement for the land upon which the Three Points Public Shooting Range now sits.

Three Points Range would not have come about except for the hard work ... of then TRC President, Milt Hood.

Three Points Public Shooting Range was officially dedicated on April 12, 1969. The first facilities constructed included 5 ranges: Smallbore, High Power, Black Powder, Sight-in, and Silhouette.  The Three Points Range would not have come about except for the hard work and perseverance of then TRC President, Milt Hood.  Hood's leadership in holding TRC together when we lost our range site at Pima College West and his efforts in getting financial, material, and labor for construction of The Three Points Public Shooting Range was instrumental to the establishment of today's facility.

In 1969, nominated by none other than Ben Avery himself, Milt Hood received the NRA's National Service Award in recognition of his work in building the Three Points Public Shooting Range.

Tucson Rifle Club has been a significant influence in the shooting sports.

  • TRC held the first State High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships.
  • TRC held the first National High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships.
  • TRC established the rules for Pistol Silhouette and held the very first Pistol Silhouette match—ever.
  • TRC held the first National Championships for Pistol Silhouette.

State, National, and International Silhouette Championships are still held at TRC.

TRC is a Civilian Marksmanship Program affiliate which qualifies members to purchase rifles, ammunition, and spare parts from the CMP. Index

How do I get to the Three Points Public Shooting Range?

Drive West from Tucson on Ajo Way (Hwy 86). A mile past Robles Junction, you'll see Mile Post 148. The entrance to the range is just past Mile Post 148 on the right. Please obey the posted speed limits and be sure to sign in at the Range Office. Index

What range facilities are available at TRC?

TRC has several ranges available for unreserved, public use on a first come, first served basis. Index

If a range is not shown as reserved, does that mean it's available for me to use?

Not necessarily. The TRC calendar shows range reservations made in advance--usually weeks or months in advance. There are times when a range may be reserved on short notice, closed due to poor condition from weather, or simply busy with walk-ons. Such conditions can not be shown on the calendar due to their short notice and brevity.

If you are expecting the use of a specfic range, it is advised that you first confirm range availability with a phone call to the rangemaster. Index

Who can use TRC range facilities? Are there age restrictions?

Any safe and responsible adult (18 years of age or older) in good standing with TRC and legally allowed to possess firearms under applicable State and Federal law may use TRC range facilities.

Junior shooters (under 18 years of age) as well as the novice adult are welcome, however Junior shooters must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Those shooters under 14 years of age are to be under the direct and close supervision of the responsible adult. Direct and close supervision means that the adult supervisor must be in close proximity (one step away) from the Junior shooter when the Junior shooter is on the firing line or handling firearms in any manner. A responsible adult must supervise all shooters under 18 years old, regardless of the supervised shooter's experience level.

New shooters will receive a safety briefing. Index

What is the cost to use TRC facilities?

The daily range (walk on) fee for non-TRC members is $15.00 (as of Jan 1, 2018). Children (<18) accompanied by a responsible adult are not charged the daily walk on fee. Active LEO's have a reduced daily rate. All non-member shooters must pay the daily range fee—even if sharing a gun. Spectators need not pay the daily range fee, but must obey all range rules. All TRC visitors (shooters and spectators alike) must sign in with the Rangemaster. For participants classified as Junior shooters participating in organized activities, e.g., 4-H, BSA, AG&F Hunter Education, the daily range fee my be reduced or waived at the discretion of the Rangemaster.

Organizations (public or private) wishing to reserve a range for their exclusive use should contact the TRC Board of Directors for range reservation fees, approval, and scheduling. Commercial range use, organized match participation, etc, have special fees and requirements separate from the daily range use fee. For example, participants in TRC sponsored matches typically pay a match fee in lieu of the daily range fee. This fee is collected by the Rangemaster prior to the event and turned into the Club. Index

What equipment do I need?

You'll need to provide your own rifle or handgun and ammunition. Chamber flags (open bolt indicators) are required on all ranges. Bring your firearm, unloaded, in an appropriate case. Use this case to move your firearm from your car to the firing line. Do not handle, i.e., uncase, load, dryfire, adjust scope, etc., your firearm during range ceasefires.

Ear and eye protection are required of all shooters and spectators at the firing lines at all times (except during cease fires). Target frames and stands can be checked out. There is a damage charge for shooting the target frames ($1.00 per hole). Foam ear plugs, paper targets, and chamber flags (OBI's) are available for sale at the Range Office. Index

Are there restrictions on what I can shoot?

There are limitations to the guns and ammo you can use on certain ranges. Due to the dry conditions and extreme fire hazard, tracer ammunition is prohibited on all ranges. Steel silhouette targets are restricted to calibers larger than .22 and non-armor piercing bullets. Automatic weapons (class 3) are generally restricted to organized matches and activities. .50 cal BMG shooters must be TRC/FCSA qualified and are restricted to the 1000 yard range. When in doubt, check with the Rangemaster as to allowable firearms and ammunition for the particular range you plan on using. Index

Can I use my own targets?

Depends. All targets and target stands not provided by TRC must be approved in advance by the Rangemaster. Do not expect to be allowed to shoot at glass bottles, old computers, or posters of elected officials. Index

Are there times when the ranges are closed or unavailable?

Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (read clarifications and exceptions below).

Do not expect to shoot if you arrive later than 3:30 p.m. Last shots must be completed by 4:30 p.m.. This is to allow adequate time for target setup, takedown, and station cleanup. This abreviation of use hours allows our Rangemasters to inspect, close, and leave at their sheduled hours.

Additionally, TRC may close during extreme hot weather conditions, or for emergency repair of range facilities (usually on a per range basis). Also, some ranges may be unavailable due to scheduled matches and events. It is best to check the TRC Calendar or call the Range Office before driving out, especially if you desire to use a particular range.

TRC is closed on the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Index

Can I interview and film some of your members at the range?

All requests for filming and interviewing Three Points Range users must be approved in advance by the TRC Board of Directors. The Board asks that such requests are presented in person at one of our monthly business meetings—usually every third Wednesday of the month (see: TRC Calendar).  In this manner questions of the Board can be answered and a quicker decision will be made.  Requests to be scheduled on the Board meeting agenda should be emailed to

The Board is interested in helping members of the University and Tucson community in any way they can, but we also have a responsibility to our membership to insure that our time is well spent and that we keep distractions to our users to a minimum while protecting their right of privacy at our facility.

We have had an increase in requests for interviews and/or filming for student projects and news reporting at the range in recent years.  To facilitate approval of these requests, the Board asks that the following information be submitted in writing with your request to the Board. This should be done via email ahead of your scheduled presentation to the Board:

  • Date and time you would like be at the range.
  • The specific course or news organization with which you are associated.
  • Your course instructor or supervisor of record.
  • A brief description of the project you're undertaking.
  • How you'll solicit & document permission of members for interview or filming.  Filming of members on the Range without their written permission is not allowed.
  • What will be the final disposition of the materials which you produce, i.e., are these materials to be made public and will copies be furnished to TRC Board if requested?


What memberships are available?

Yearly TRC membership (Household) is $100. A household membership allows you, one other adult, and all minor (<18) dependent children—with supervision—to use the Three Points Range facilities free of the daily walk on fee, subject to individual range use restrictions and closures due to reserved use for organized matches, construction, safety, and other events. Confirm range availability with the Rangemaster (preferable) or check the TRC Calendar to see if your desired range is open.

  • All persons using the membership must be listed on the membership application.
  • All persons visiting the Three Points Rifle Range must sign in at the rangehouse, regardless of membership status or organized match participation. This includes all non-shooters (spectators)! Children can be signed in by their responsible adult.
  • Members may be asked to present their membership card by the Rangemaster or have their membership status confirmed in our membership database.
  • Individual TRC memberships are no longer available.
  • TRC membership does not preclude the charging of additional fees to participate in organized matches.
  • If you are a member and you bring a non-member to the range to shoot, that person must pay the daily walk on fee required of all non-members.


I only come out to sight in my hunting rifle twice a year, what benefit is there to yearly membership over daily rates?

Adult members may run for office, elect Club Officers, and reserve/use specialized range facilities for organized shoots! Finally, since TRC runs the range, any changes, improvements, or monies spent are decided upon by members. Non-members have little say in range development and policies. Index

When and where are TRC Board meetings held?

Every third Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. is the usual time. The meetings are held at the Bear Canyon Library in the public meeting room—however, current pandemic restrictions have lead to Board meetings held by remote video (Zoom). Please check the TRC website calendar for last minute changes of time and location. Meetings with minimal business requirements are often held via email among the Board. Members and visitors wishing to discuss new business are encouraged to bring such up via email to the President of TRC. A date and time can then be set for a presentation to the Board if required.

The Bear Canyon Library is located at 8959 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson.

The first Sunday in December is normally reserved for the annual TRC general membership meeting and Officer elections and is traditionally held at the range. However, in recent years, the annual TRC membership meeting and officer elections have been combined with the normal third Wednesday December BOD meeting. Check the TRC website calendar to confirm time and date for the annual membership meeting.

Can't attend the BOD meetings? You can read Board meeting minutes online. Index

I'm sold, how do I apply for membership?

The Rangemaster will be happy to take your money at the TRC Range Office or you can fill out our Online Membership Form and send it with a check for your first year's dues to the address listed on the form. Index

What types of competitive shooting events are offered at TRC?

Cowboy Shooting (SASS), National Match High Power, Silhouette, 1000 Yard Bench Rest, 3-Gun, Black Powder—just about everything except Trap & Skeet. Check out our Calendar of Events and view some event photos on our Pictures pages. Index

I'm interested in competitive shooting, how do I find a match?

Perhaps the best place to start is with the Calendar of Events. Note when a competitive event is scheduled, then contact the Match Director. Some Match Directors are not available via e-mail or publicly listed phone, in that case you will need to show up at the match to meet with them. Best to call the Range Office in case there's been an unlisted match schedule change.

Match Directors are responsible for the handling of the event and are the primary contact point for all questions concerning their respective matches. He (or she) will be happy to explain what is required for you to participate in the match. Don't expect to necessarily show up and participate in the event that day. Match Directors may wish to assess your skill level and training or may not accept participants without member sponsorship or Club affiliation. Index

What else is available besides a place to shoot?

Lots of stuff:—Camping—RV Hookups—Targets—Drinking water—Restrooms—Electricity to ranges—Shade—Benches. Index

How can I schedule a match, i.e., reserve a range?

Just about all the information you need to provide us to schedule a match can be found by downloading our Range Reservation Request Form. Our calendar web page has information on available ranges and times. Note, your request to reserve a range must be approved in advance by the TRC Board. Our President has been especially helpful in scheduling and promoting approval for events.

Here is a quick check list for submitting new or annual renewal of TRC range reservations:

Requester responsibilities:

  1. Review Tucson Rifle Club Operational Policy and Procedures, Article XIV.
  2. Check the Tucson Rifle Club calendar on the website for scheduling conflicts.
  3. Complete the Tucson Rifle Club User Group Agreement.
  4. Include proof of insurance with the TRC User Group Agreement.
  5. Complete the Tucson Rifle Club Range Reservation Request Form. (Don't forget, there is a Range Reservation Cancelation Form as well if you decide not to use your reserved range time.)
  6. Submit the completed paperwork to the President of the Tucson Rifle Club.

By Email:

    By US Mail, Fed-Ex or UPS:

    Tucson Rifle Club, Inc.
    Attn: President
    18300 West Ajo Highway
    Tucson, AZ 85735-9729

    In person:

    Submit completed package to the Tucson Rifle Club Rangemaster office, Attention President.

    Tucson Rifle Club responsibilities:

    1. The request package will be reviewed by the President and Safety Officer.
    2. The request will be placed on the next monthly meeting agenda for Executive Committee action.
    3. Request receiving Executive Committee approval will be added to the Official calendar on the website. Upon approval the Rangemaster and requesting party will be notified of the event's approval.

    More details concerning new and continuing range reservations:

    From the TRC Bylaws:


    f) Any person or group wishing to schedule an event that will restrict access to a particular range facility or facilities will use the following procedure:

    Continuing monthly matches: Most range reservations listed on the TRC Calendar are for continuing monthly or bimonthly matches throughout the calendar year. These matches are scheduled one year in advance and renewed on a yearly basis. To request a new continuing monthly match, you will need to fill out the TRC Range Reservation Request Form. These requests will be accepted for review by the Executive Committee after the February meeting. It is the responsibility of the requestor to try and work out any conflicts with scheduled events prior to submitting a TRC Range Reservation Request Form.

    Continuing monthly matches of long standing (5 years or more) are given priority in scheduling. At the beginning of each year, a base calendar is prepared scheduling these matches as they were scheduled in the previous year. In January of every year, all Match Directors must confirm with the TRC President that they wish to continue their matches as per these dates and times. Failure to confirm match dates may result in your match being dropped from the TRC calendar. This base calendar is approved at the February Board meeting. When the base calendar has been formally approved, it is then added to the TRC website's electronic calendar and is the official Tucson Rifle Club base calendar.

    After the base calendar is approved, open dates will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Again, it is essential that the TRC Range Reservation Request Form is used to formally request these open range slots. The final calendar approval will take place at the May Board meeting.

    It is the responsibility of the requestor to try and work out any conflicts with scheduled events prior to submitting a TRC Range Reservation Request Form. The final approval for the next calendar year will take place at the May Board meeting.

    One time events/matches: For a one time, short notice, same day, dedicated range use, the Rangemaster should be able to assign an unscheduled range to you when you phone ahead for a reservation. For more than same day scheduling, use the TRC Range Reservation Request Form.

      1. The Rangemaster and Safety Officer shall review the request and forward the request to the President with their recommendation for either approval or rejection.
      2. Upon approval, the Range Officer and President shall be given notification of confirmation of the event and date, and stating the assumption of complete responsibility for the safety and conduct of those attending the event. Address written correspondence to:

        Rangemaster, Tucson Rifle Club, Inc.
        Three Points Public Shooting Range
        18300 West Ajo Highway
        Tucson, AZ 85735-9729

        The Rangemaster may also be reached at (520) 822-5189.
      3. Reimburse TRC immediately following the event at these rates:

        aa) $5.00 per entry for those events in which an entry fee is charged.
        bb) No charge per entry in AG&F Hunter Safety and Junior events.

      4. Reimburse TRC for damage to TRC equipment at a rate commensurate with the damage as determined by the Rangemaster.
      5. Supply all labor and materials necessary to the event including set up and dismantling. The range in use shall be returned to its original condition after the event and to the satisfaction of the Rangemaster.

    Non-regularly scheduled matches, i.e., a one time event or special match, are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

    If someone intends to hold a match. It must follow some established shooting discipline e.g., NRA, SASS, NBRSA, IHMSA, IPDA, IPSC, etc. If the match type is unknown, then a course of fire or match description must be submitted to the TRC Safety Officer for approval.

    Regular, continuing, matches may also be scheduled, e.g., SASS, National Match High Power, through the above Bylaw procedure. TRC reserves the right to cancel these matches if the reserved facilities are needed for other purposes, e.g., a National or State Championship event. See below for details on costs.

    TRC sponsored events are activities approved by the Executive Committee and run on behalf of the Tucson Rifle Club. These events are supervised by TRC members who are the Match Directors. The profits from these events are turned into TRC. Some examples of events that fit into this category includes but are not limited to , NRA approved or registered matches, NRA High Power, Black Powder, Silhouette,  State and National Championship matches.

    TRC sponsored events are covered by the Club's insurance policy.

    Commercial enterprises or non-sponsored shooting clubs hosting matches at TRC are required to have additional insurance coverage and satisfy the TRC user agreement. Index

    How do I promote my match on the TRC website?

    Brief announcements and corrections for the TRC website should be e-mailed to the TRC Webmaster.

    The TRC website is better for fast dissemination of very brief announcements. If you'd like to promote a regularly scheduled match or a large State or National event in a more extensive fashion on the TRC website, contact the TRC Webmaster to discuss what can be done.

    Always phone the TRC Range Office and let the Rangemaster know of any changes to scheduled matches. Remember, people you don't know about may be driving a long way for your match. Index

    Can I have my match results posted on the TRC website?

    Talk to the TRC Webmaster. If you have a monthly shoot, a web page or website section can be developed to promote your match. Entry forms and a results page can also be developed. Here's an example of how the Garand match folks report their match results. If you have a nonrecurring match that you like to post the results of, send them to the TRC webmaster via email. Match reports in MS Word or Excel can usually be converted to html for posting on TRC's blog page.

    The range facility I use is in need of improvement/repair, what can be done?

    It depends on what improvements/repairs are desired. See the Rangemaster first to discuss the situation. Simple repair items, e.g., broken targets, can often be replaced from stock.

    If modification to a range is desired, then you'll need to bring this request to the attention of the TRC Board (monthly Board meetings are a good time for this). Depending on the improvements desired, there may even be Club funding available.

    All modifications to range facilities must be approved in writing by the Board before the start of any work. Permission for any individual or club to modify range facilities will be granted only after careful study by the Board and discussion with other range users to determine impact. If the Board approves of your proposed modifications, but is unable to fund your desired improvements, you may consider funding and performing the desired range modifications yourself with the following proviso:

    The Three Points Public Shooting Range is owned by the Arizona Game & Fish Department. All facilities are public property and will remain available for public use (with the sole exception of the DPS range). Groups funding range improvements may in some instances be granted priority scheduling of that range, however, no range facilities will be reserved for the exclusive use of any individual or group, regardless of that individual's or group's funding of any range modifications or improvements. All improvements become the property of the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Future decisions as to use and modification of any improved range facilities will continue to be at the sole discretion of the TRC Board. Index

    If I'm going to pay for improvement/repair, why can't I have more control over the range facility?

    Because the Three Points Public Shooting Range is leased, not owned, the Tucson Rifle Club has no authority under our lease agreement to assign special concessions to any group or individual.

    Specifically, under the terms of our lease agreement with the Arizona Game & Fish Department:

    • The Club shall not assign or sublet this agreement or any concession or right hereunder without first having obtained the prior consent of the Commission. Any assignment and/or sublease and/or concession shall be subject to the terms and conditions requested by the Commission to protect the Commission's interest. (Paragraph 15)

    • The Club agrees that all improvements placed upon the premises shall thereupon become the property of the Department and that upon the expiration of the term of this agreement or any extension thereof, the Club will surrender to the Commission the premises together with all permanent structures, facilities, and improvements thereon erected by the Club. (Paragraph 14b)

    • The Club agrees to keep the premises and structures and improvements thereon free and clear from any and all liens of laborers, mechanics, or materialmen and all liens of a similar character arising out of or growing out of the construction, repair, or alteration and maintenance of such improvements. (Paragraph 11)

    • ... the public shall have equal and reasonable access to the shooting range without discrimination ... (Paragraph 4a) Index

    I'm an instructor, can I reserve facilities for my class?

    Yes, use the same procedure as for scheduling a match. See "How can I schedule a match, i.e., reserve a range?" Index

    What's the cost to reserve TRC range facilities?

    The person or group scheduling the event will be expected to collect participant fees (similar to the TRC daily range fees collected by the Rangemaster for non-members) and submit those fees plus a match report to the Rangemaster at the conclusion of the event. These fees are collected for every match participant—even if that participant is a member of TRC and normally would not pay a daily range fee for using non-reserved ranges. If the range being used is reserved, then all participants pay a daily TRC match fee as set by the Board (see TRC Bylaws) for exclusive use of reserved ranges.

    There are fees for additional range resources such as RV hookup ($15.00 per day), camping ($6.00 per day—non-hookup). All persons camping, excluding current TRC members, will be charged an additional daily range fee for use of public ranges, i.e., camping fees do not include shooting fees. Shooting is permitted by campers only during normal hours of operation (typically, Monday through Sunday, 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.).

    For participants classified as Junior Shooters, e.g., 4-H, BSA, AG&F Hunter Safety, the above fees my be reduced or waived at the discretion of the Rangemaster. Index