Cowboy Action Shooting

The Spirit of the Game

     Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the Old West--single action revolvers, lever action rifles, and double barreled shotguns. The shooting competition is staged in a unique, Old West style.

Cowboy Action Shooting is basically a 3-gun competition. The firearms are those typical of the American Frontier from about 1860 to just after the turn of the century. During a match, contestants shoot in several stages using 2, 3, and sometimes 4 guns while firing at reactive steel targets. Scoring is based on accuracy and speed.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Cowboy Action Shooting is the requirement placed on authentic period dress. Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century, or a Hollywood western star, and develop a costume accordingly. Shooters are divided into categories and classes depending upon the type of firearms used and the style in which they shoot.

Cowboy Action Shooting is not a fast draw style of competiton. Shooters' will find movement and plenty of action as they use all three styles of firearms during engagement. CAS is designed for all levels of shooters.

The appeal of CAS lies in the fact that it is a family oriented, recreational activity that is great fun.

Targets are generous in size and placed at a proximity such that the difficulty or challenge competitors face is primarily the speed they engage a course of fire. However, one learns soon enough that no target is too big or too close that you can't miss it.

The appeal of CAS lies in the fact that it is a family oriented, recreational activity that is great fun. Shooters can compete and enjoy the sport at any skill level. This promotes the values often referred to as the spirit of the game, and is perhaps best shown by the friends made while sharing a mutual appreciation of what is the legend of America's most colorful and exciting period, the Old West.

Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport in the country. Tucson Rifle Club hosts several Cowboy Action groups who hold monthly or bimonthly matches at the Three Points Range facilities. You don't have to be good to attend these matches, just safe. Everyone is welcome from novice to gunslinger.

More information on rules and procedures used in Cowboy Action Shooting can be found at any of the national Cowboy Shooting Organizations such as The Single Action Shooting Society, SASS, Cowboy Mounted Shooting Society, CMSA, The National Congress of Old West Shootists, NCOWS, and CAS City, CAS.

A good site for specific information on Cowboy Action Shooting matches in Arizona is ACSA. Local TRC groups include, Old Pueblo Shootists and Altar Valley Pistoleros. Top

Altar Valley Pistoleros

     We are Altar Valley Pistoleros, one of several different shooting venues that are sponsored by Tucson Rifle Club. For our monthly matches, we follow Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) rules as guidelines--since we relax some of the costuming requirements for new shooters. We like to help shooters that are new to shooting in general and SASS shooting in particular.  Everyone has to start at some time!

One does not need to be a member of SASS or Tucson Rifle Club to shoot with us, but we certainly appreciate TRC members.  Membership in TRC tells Game and Fish that we support our range.

If you are a beginner, you don't need to worry too much about your costume when just starting out.  You don't even need guns!  Just show up and we'll be happy to show you the ropes and get you started. Our objective is to provide a safe and fun forum to ring steel for shooters of all levels of experience, and we especially like to help new shooters. Top